Martial Arts Fitness & Lifestyle Channel – Martial Marc

Hey guys. My name is Marc Dressen, and welcome to my Fitness & Lifestyle channel. So what is this channel about? Well, obviously, like it says on the tin it’s about fitness. So we’re going to talk about methods, training methods, how to train. You’re going to see me train, motivational videos, everything around fitness. And then something […]

Bruce Lee Workout from Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Train Like A Celeb | Men’s Health

– We get into a fight, I accidentally kill you. (70s funk action music) – Hey, guys, my name is Mike Moh and I’m playing Bruce Lee in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. (loud banging) So when I first got the call to audition for Bruce, number one I was excited, but I […]

Top 6 Principles for Economy of Motion in Martial Arts Training

Have you ever wondered if your techniques are fast enough or effective if you’ve been studying the martial arts for any length of time you’ve probably been trying to figure that out yourself whether it be for self defense or sport in this episode we’re going to start covering the economy of motion with your techniques stay tuned […]