Classic Kung Fu Fighting (season 1) | Eight-step praying mantis attack | Leon Chu(朱思勳)

Hello everyone and I am Master Chu, and today we are going to introduce some basic movements of SKF system .now our opponent may try to attack us with his right fit like these And then we can control his right wrist Broken his elbow at the first time When we broken his right arm ,we hit the […]

A Gun is NOT Enough! | 3 Essential Self Defense Layers

Just because you have a gun does not mean that you’re safe, I’m Kirsten Joy Weiss and in this episode we’re gonna talk about the three layers of self-defense that can create confidence proficiency and peace of mind Thank you to simplisafe for sponsoring this video and we’ll talk about them more later now the three layers of […]

Ep.12 – “Find Your Mission And You’ll Find Your Happiness” | Interview with Master Yuan Xiu Gang

I didn’t sleep anything It was so cold! 6:30 today is the performers day! Ni hao! Good morning good morning! Ready? Ready! Are you ready? I feel more nervous than you I guess This is one of our coaches in health class: Fung Say Hi! Hi! Don’t be shy The chinese students that you will see perform they […]

Classic Kung Fu Fighting (season 1) | close door attack (關門閉戶) | Leon Chu(朱思勳)

When he attacks us, we hit the back of the knee .Pull him back and then we do “搖手(yaoshou)”. to cut our opponent’s neck we take this step and then step in Hello everyone , this is Master Chu .Welcome to Shiun Kung Fu System ,and today I’m going to show you the other techniques in our SKF […]

Shaolin Kung Fu, Wushu for beginners Training-Introduction

hello welcome to master song online tutorials my name’s Zak Song from Kung Fu/martial arts is quite a simple if you know the correct way to do it and it takes less time to master it it’s like this sword without the correct way you’ll probably hurt yourself like her your head and hurt your leg but […]

Wheelchair Karate: 2nd belt: Kevs’ journey locks and drills. pt4

hi guys welcome to your sons of the cane this week and part of Kev’s journey we’re going to look at three more wrist locks click subscribe for new videos wednesday and saturdays ok we’re looking at the first time but when we talk we talk about inline and cross-line so inline would be arm to arm so […]

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