The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 1 of 3 (Wing Chun)

Welcome to the Grandmaster’s art of kung fu tutorial. Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese kung fu system which is adaptable for close in as well as long range fighting. Wing Chun’s defense flows from its offense, which can intercept an opponent’s attack, while simultaneously delivering one of its own. One may need this against multiple opponents. Lap […]

Wing Chun Kung Fu for beginners. Lesson 1 – Basic stances with English Subtitles

Hello there, my name is Lena. I have been practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years. Today I’m going to show you some basic stances which are often used in this style. Basic Square Stance It looks like this. You have to begin with this movement. At the end your fingertips must be at eyebrows. This high. […]

Mit 11 allein in China – Der kleine David im Shaolin Kloster (小老外) – Shaolin Kung Fu DOKU (2019)

Alone in China as a eleven-year-old I simply think the gain for him is so infinitely great that this year will define all his life somehow in advance. It was for me at the time when we said goodbye that the question had always been on my mind: What is it really that motivates him? Martial arts was […]

The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 2 of 3 (Hung Gar)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to The Grandmaster’s Art of Kung Fu Tutorial. The southern Chinese Kung Fu System, Hung Gar, is a long bridge style. Hung Gar has wide, swinging-arc techniques, compared to the comparatively compact motions of Wing Chun. The Hung Gar master has relentless strength. The Grandmaster’s Wing Chun uses tan bong pin [INAUDIBLE] spade, pin, sheath […]

The Incredible Gold of Judo Legend Yasuhiro Wamashita | Olympic Rewind

The Los Angeles Olympics was the competition where I was the most nervous. It didn’t really matter that I’d already been World Champion a number of times. I never once lost in an international competition Which means that I was never beaten by an overseas competitor either. Arthur Schnabel of Germany was an opponent I knew well. I […]

[Real Fight] Gangster Gets Dropped By Karate Kid !! SICKK – Full HD 2014

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