Elitism In Traditional Martial Arts • Martial Arts Explored

Elitism in Traditional Martial Arts Nothing should be put into the same box just because it is classified in the same way. In other words, generalizing is a tricky and dangerous game. Yet we can not deny that certain stereotypes are created due to common tendencies, and while there are always exceptions, “common tendencies” do exist. One of […]

5 Biggest Martial Arts Myths • Martial Arts Journey

We live in a modern world where modern combat practices are on high attention. Such practices as MMA and brazilian Jiu Jitsu are becoming more and more popular yet there are still plenty of martial arts schools who are not up to modern standards. While often times they are beautiful practices and great for self development, they oftentimes […]

The Most BS Martial Artists Ever – Fake Kung Fu, Fake Chi, Fake Karate Breakdown

This is what happens when you bring an animal style of Kung Fu to Russia and it has vodka Look at these stiff animal-like moves. He’s like a combination of snake and mantis (hits bag) All right. Oh, look at that: Now it’s tiger I assume! Vodka tiger! (Laughing) WTF is that!? Okay, another demonstration of this move […]

How Fake Martial Arts Are Created • Martial Arts Journey

When you take a look at some martial arts – while their choreography may look amazing, for a person who has done functional combat sports, or someone who understands the reality of self defense – sometimes the question of what do these practitioners expect from their elaborate movements, may come up. While it may take years to master […]

Why Hierarchy is Dangerous in Martial Arts • Martial Arts Journey

Many martial arts lean on a system of hierarchy. The desire to receive a black belt, while should never be the main motivation for training, can give an extra push to some, when they start lacking the discipline to come to training. Knowing who is what rank can give a better way to navigate around the dojo or […]

How To Spot a McDojo / Fake Martial Arts School [Funny]

The instructor refuses to teach you certain techniques, because they are “too deadly” The dojo’s phone number is printed on the back of your uniform. The diploma shows Japanese language that even Japanese do not understand. The dojo sign has the words ‘traditional’, ‘commando’, ‘classical’, ‘effective’, ‘100%’, ‘original’, ‘Okinawan’, ‘dragon’, ‘Japanese’, ‘secret’ and ‘elite’ in the same sentence. […]

Why Martial Arts Don’t Work • Martial Arts Journey

Why Martial Arts Don’t Work The world is full of various martial arts. While their techniques and heritage may be different, they are all connected by the word “Martial”, meaning – relating to fighting and war. While there are various reasons a person may start martial arts for, most people start it wanting to learn how to protect […]