Como fazer o Mata-Leão | Luta livre e Jiu Jitsu | Cerrado MMA

Hey whats up, Erik Silva here And I’m Junior Silva We are Brazilian Luta-livre Black belt And we’ll show you some basics techniques And today, we’ll show you, the Rear Naked Choke [Rear Naked Choke] Once here of course, your teacher may have told you Never cross your foots here Then, pay attention to this kind of detail […]

Falsa Kimura com Arm-lock | Luta-livre, Jiu-jitsu e Judô | Cerrado MMA

Hey, what’s up, Erik Silva here and I’m Junior Silva, and today I’ll show you the Armbar from fake kimura [Armbar from fake kimura] So, lets star the movement from turtle position Remember, always put weight on his neck here. Close the seat belt here once here I have to release the seat belt And catch hist wrist […]

Triângulo invertido da meia guarda | Cerrado MMA | Jiu-Jitsu | Luta Livre

Hey what’s up, Erik Silva here! And I’m Marcus Ferreira We’ll show you, the inverted triangle choke from half guard [Inverted Triangle choke from Half Guard] I have to use my knee on his chest and my foot on his rip to keep this distance Now I use my knee to unbalace my opponent Now he wants to […]

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