T’ai Chi Ch’uan Ti I Lu – Kung Fu Chang (with description of Master Cuturello) [eng subs available]

is about to enter the Master Chang Dsu Yao’s school a school of Kung Fu of northern Cina “Classic” Kung Fu of northern Cina This reality in Piemonte and in Turin has already a life over 30 years The athletes that are about to line up are going to show about what is defined like the Internal Style […]

Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Loosening Up & Martial Arts Forms

Now we’re finish with the Long Hand. But, now you got to do some loosening up stretch after the Long Hand. So now I’m going to show you guys some loosening up stretch that you could do after the Long Hand. First one, Crouch Stance Stretch. And switch sides. Toes up. Switch. Lunge. Switch. Okay, Splits. And switch. […]

Kick High and Far! How to Take a Goal Kick/LONG Backspin Shot Tutorial

Hey everybody, This is my tutorial on how to take a goal kick. Before I start, I want to say that this is especially important for goal keepers, but it is also useful for any position on the field. For defenders, it’s useful for clearing the ball out, and for midfielders– if you’ve ever watched David Beckham play, […]

李小龍 Bruce Lee’s Philosophy of Water 水的哲學 (with Chin subtitles and Eng CC)

Empty your mind Be formless, shapeless, like water Now you put water into a cup it becomes the cup you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot Now water can flow, or it can crash Be water, my friend Bruce Lee had his own philosophy And […]

Soviet paratroopers special training (kettlebells, pull-up bars, acrobatics, martial arts)

The ease and fondness of the execution of such difficult exercises is the result of hard training. The main goal is to combine the physical aspect of training and the aesthetics. As a result the harmony of perfectly working muscles. All these words are about the paratroopers. But they also need to be very strong. That’s why the […]