Shaolin Kung Fu Tutorial #4 – Learn basic punch techniques beginners – Part 1

Hello, my name is Markus and today i want to show you how to punch correctly in Shaolin Kung Fu. First and foremost how to make a fist correctly so There are two ways of doing it. One is right and one is wrong. Stretch out your hand pull your fingers in and the thumb needs to go […]


ROCK their body – arc across from the line of the shoulders draw forwards slightly, arc over, chest contact, straight sweep leg with hip forwards, point toes and brush mat with them on reap. fulcrum is a line through both your hips tsurite (lifting hand) draws up, hikite (left hand in this case) draws across tori’s chest right […]

Why People are Always Fighting Over the Thermostat

{♫Intro♫} Negotiating thermostat settings can be one of the most frustrating squabbles you’ll ever have. Whether it’s family or roommates, or co-workers or classmates, finding that Goldilocks temperature that will suit everyone can be rough. You’d think it would be easier for us all to agree on a comfortable temperature. I mean, we’re all human. But there’s actually […]

Shaolin Kung Fu Tutorial #4 – Learn basic punch techniques beginners – Part 2

Another thing, that’s important to recognize is if you make many punches your arm should never be completely stretched out, because you put very much force into your arm into the the acceleration movement and if you then stop and your arm is fully stretched out all of the force created goes right into your joint, into your […]

Whip Kick Swim Instruction (breaststroke kick technique lesson) #swimlesson #whipkick

Moving into the whip kick. The whip kick is used with breaststroke, it’s the only stroke the whip kick is used. A lot of times younger swimmers will have a very hard time coordinating, getting the fine muscle coordination in order to do a proper whip kick The instructor or the parent needs to be very patient with […]

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