Why Does Getting Kicked in the Groin Hurt SO Much?

Getting kicked anywhere hurts. But getting kicked in the groin really hurts. It hurts so much that in most martial arts it’s an illegal move, sometimes called a “low blow”. And that phrase has come to mean any kind of shameful, unfair attack. Even if you’ve never experienced the immense pain of that low blow yourself, you’re probably […]

Roundhouse Kick Technique Tutorial. Muay Thai Training with English Subtitles

Hello, there. My name is Lena. I am training roundhouse kick now using the boxing bag. Today I’m going to show you the technique of the roundhouse kick which is commonly used in Muay Thai. Roundhouse kick is one of the most frequently used kicks in martial arts generally, not only in Muay Thai. You need a special […]

Watch, Listen, and Repeat English Sentences. (Pepsi Kungfu Shaolin Boy Commercial)

A boy knocks on the door of a temple. An old monk answers the door. The old monk has a strange mark on his forehead. The boy has his head shaved. They train the boy. The master shakes his head in disappointment. Time has passed and now the boy is a young man. The young man completes all […]

Dolphin Kick Swim Instruction (butterfly kick technique lesson) #swimlesson #dolphinkick #butterfly

Now we’re going to move into the dolphin kick. The dolphin kick is used in every single one of the strokes when you get into competitive swimming It’s obviously used in the butterfly but it is also used in the freestyle, it’s also used in backstroke and very briefly in breaststroke so it’s important to have the dolphin […]

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