Inside the Library Fighting Homelessness

– Homelessness is a huge issue, and it’s growing nationwide. And a lot of that ends up being intertwined with substance use in general. Here in Denver there’s an entire epidemic going on, and it’s intense. I made a contact ’cause of security with a gentlemen that’s sitting outside the library, and he’s got tons of self-inflicted wounds […]

The Warrior Monk Who Brought Kung Fu to America

(oriental instrumental music) – [Voiceover] The Shaolin monks of China are an ancient order surrounded in mystery. They spend their lives learning kung fu and Buddhist philosophy. – [Voiceover] After defecting from communist China, one Shaolin monk found himself living in New York, training some unique clients ranging from movie stars to hip hop artists. – [Voiceover] As […]

Bookworm Paradise: Kick Back in China’s Infinite Reading Space

– [Narrator] With unique mirrors creating the illusion of infinite books, this Chinese library and bookstore is every story lover’s dream come true. (smooth electronic music) While this may look like an ordinary shop from the outside, inside readers are invited to settle in for an otherworldly storytelling adventure. The black mirrored floor is one of two distinct […]

Kung Fu Nuns

– [Narrator] These nuns can even break bricks with their hands and the purpose behind this practice is sacred. (energetic funk music) (playful music) The Drukpa Order is a branch of Buddhism that has been around for thousands of years but in 2008, the nunnery based in Katmandu, Nepal started to learn Kung Fu as part of their […]