How to Make Dirty Fighting Work for Self-Defense

How’s it going? Ando here from Today, I want to talk a little bit about dirty fighting. That’s why I’m wearing black. What exactly is dirty fighting? More importantly, how can you make dirty fighting moves work in a real-life self-defense situation? I’m going to answer both of those questions right now. Okay. Question number one: What […]

Clinch Escapes for Self-Defense – Muay Thai or Collar Tie

If I just do this, that doesn’t do anything. I just do this, you follow me.>>Again–two directions, like on the elevator.>Yeah, exactly. Hey! Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Back again with Sifu Randy Brown of Randy Brown Mantis Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Acton, Massachusetts. How are you, Sifu?>Excellent.>As always. In case you didn’t see […]

Tai chi for not fighting – “elbow, shoulder, white crane spreads wings”

There you go. Do that again. So, push here. There go. Yes. So, I have lost it. You have me off balance. So I change the fulcrum and fold, and Kao. You have got me off balance. I am double weighted. I pivot. I fold the elbow in. I protect my head. “White Crane Spreads Wings” *Laughter* That […]

Women’s Self-Defense Basics : Women’s Self-Defense: Foot Stomp

Hello, this is Sifu Mike Mallon with the Clearwater Kung Fu Center, this is Melissa and this is Women’s’ self-defense. We’re working on basic techniques. Now, dealing with self-defense we have a lot of situations that happens where the person the attacker is very close to you. Meaning that I am in very close quarters to you. Or […]

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