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I teach Krav Maga because Krav Maga allows people to be someone that perhaps they never imagined they could be. Krav Maga, the words themselves, the actual meaning of Krav Maga, is “contact combat.” It comes from the state of Israel and it was developed in 1948 to be the official fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces. […]

Ninjutsu self defense – Ep. 1 – Chest grab and roundhouse kick

OK guys, now we’ll show you what happens when, during a dispute, we have done something wrong, for example we haven’t kept the right distance. Therefore, the opponent, who is in high spirits, grabs us and, in this position, we are in serious danger. So, the most important thing here is to simulate fear, don’t be defiant, otherwise […]

Krav Maga training- release from a side headlock

We’ll start in standing position, then we’ll go to the ground. first of all, headlocks- when do we see this? few possibilities. No. 1- the monkey dance. we’re starting with the whole process and then comes, as an attack either an overhead punch or a headlock so, the movement is the same, and, headlocks are done, usually, either […]