Deer Park Martial Arts (631) 242-0586 Best Krav Maga training in Deer Park NY

Krav Maga the official fighting system of the Israeli military uses techniques designed for real life based on instincts street fighting ground fighting and defense against weapons there’s only one rule in Crawford of go home safe learn to defend yourself and getting great shape anyone can do it we have self defense classes, conditioning classes, fight classes: […]

Karate School review of Ron Little Martial Arts in Pensacola Florida |(850) 484-9814|

The fighting stars are students at Ron little martial arts that are accomplishing their goals look for more fighting stars at Sophie has always been a rough and tumble kind of girl she’s taking down middle school boys on the soccer field so I decided she needed a little discipline so we brought her into karate and […]

Welcome to the Effective Martial Arts Channel!

Hi I’m Patrick Fulop, and welcome to Effective Martial Arts. On this channel you’ll discover everything you need to know about the art of hand-to-hand combat, and the art of self-mastery. Effective Martial ArtsTM is a complete, concise, safe, and carefully structured system. We simply took all the best, and only the best, proven techniques inspired from the […]

Nunchaku Eğitimi – Batuhan Kağanoğlu l 1.Ders

Hello friends In the previous video, we described Nunchaku’s definition, history and genres. We will start training now Advantages and disadvantages of Nunchaku the first advantage No matter how you hold Nunchakuyu If I have an opponent He can’t imagine how I hit him. For example, I held it like this I can hit my opponent from above […]

How to Shoot & Sprawl – Takedowns Basics | Effective Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this video, how to shoot, and sprawl. Alright, so those two basic movements are gonna get you ready to be able to execute, and defend against takedowns. So on the offense, the basic movement you need to be able to shoot in with the takedown is the shoot, […]

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