4 [EASY] SELF DEFENSE Techniques FOR WOMEN Against Stronger and Bigger Man (ATTACKER) Krav Maga

Hi guys my name is Edmund I’m a director and Chief Instructor at FIT2FIGHTBACK Today I want to show you a very quick situation a woman got attacked in the office very vicious attack I don’t really know what the reason for that attack was. Did the guy wanted to sexually assault this woman or he wanted some […]

Purse Theft Defense – Self Defense Hacks for Women with Gil Katz

Hello everyone, my name is Gil Katz, I am a Krav Maga expert. Krav Maga is a system for self defense and today I’m joined by my guest- Sharmaine. Hi everyone, my name is Sharmaine, I am a freelance content creator and a designer. Today we are going to combine both of our expertise, and show you how […]

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