Warm Up Drills for Israeli Martial Arts : Elbow Hook Drill for Israeli Martial Arts

In this clip we are going to warm up for our Israeli Martial Arts workout using our hook with the elbow. So from our guarding stance again, we are going to throw a hook. A conventional hook, of course, is with your fist, you pivot your body. We are going to use our elbow for the hook, okay. […]

Warm Up Drills for Israeli Martial Arts : Knee Warm Ups for Israeli Martial Arts

In this clip, we’re going to loosen up our knees for our martial arts workout. So what we’re going to do is simply put both hands on our knees. We’re going to rotate our knees in one direction. Again, one way and the other way. Now as I rotate, I’m bending my knees bringing them forward as much […]

Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Knee Strikes

In this clip of Warrior Training, we’re going to discuss the knees. The knees, this particular knee is directed at the abdomen. One of the key components you want to remember in delivering your knees is that your toes are pointed down, you want to localize the front part of your knee, almost like your calf is touching […]