KICKBOXING – ALL STYLE KARATE Interview with Legend Trainer Roland Brodkorb Germany

Hello Karate Tube Friends Roland Brodkorb 6.Dan, is a Kickboxing Trainer Legend in Germany. I had the opportunity to interview him, after a training in his club in Erlangen in North-Bavaria. For 48 years he has been active without interruption, without a break He is running one of the most renowned martial arts schools in Germany for more […]

How to Fix Your Spinning Back Kick / Turning Side Kick

Hey. Ando again from The spinning back kick. Probably the most powerful strike in all of martial arts. If not, it’s pretty high on the list. But that’s presuming that you’re throwing it correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of people make one big mistake when they throw the spinning back kick. Today, I’m going to tell you what […]

Training with Cyril Benzaquen – @Parijs and location: Temple Noble Art

hello everybody welcome in this new episode of training with today we are in the beautiful Paris and we’re gonna train with Cyril Benzaquen. I hope you’re gonna have fun let’s go to the gym and don’t forget to subscribe hello brother hello hi thank you fine yes yeah thank you thank you for having us welcome to […]

How to Do a 360 Jumping Roundhouse Kick | Spinning Roundhouse Kick – Muay Thai

How To Do A Spinning Roundhouse Kick Muay Thai 540 Spinning Kick Pedro’s Surf Shop Costa Rica Tamarindo At ReBoot Camp Fitness Retreat With Michael Andreula CKO Kickboxing Head Trainer all with didn’t gold didn’t you the build million men here you know Spinning few you got time Roundhouse uh… Kick what a foot that the hope Muay […]

Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Takedown in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: So I’m going to show my entry once again off of my punches. This is my one, two as I showed before. I’m going to one, two, I’m going to lower my level, change my level, notice I’m down like I’m squatting, okay? Now I’m going to take a penetration step with my lead leg, right […]