This is Sensei Jordan: Karate & Kickboxing Instructor in Seattle, WA

This is a place where it’s like an oasis, you come into this room and everything is designed to take you back to the primal version of yourself, to make everything feel good, to remind you of how amazing everything is — remind you of the potential and the happiness and the truth, the power that is you. […]

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Checking Leg Kicks in Kickboxing

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf of I’m here the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts I’m a fighter trained in Muay Thai so is Sonny Diaz who would be assistanting me here. The technique we are going to show right now is going to be how to check leg kicks. The thing with leg kicks […]

Sergio (Practical Combat Martial Arts) Challenge To Xu Xiaodong (古巴武术狂人挑战徐晓冬)

Hi, Sergio from practical combat This video is directed to Xu Xiaodong The guy who is beating up Kung Fu masters The time has come where you have to face your biggest fear, me. I’m your biggest fear, why? I’m the biggest shark in the tank, and let me tell you why. You go out and you beat […]

PETER WECKAUF | SAMICS | How to Fight Multiple Attackers – Strategies and self defense techniques

Hello guys and welcome on our YouTube channel! In these video series I want to show you some strategies and techniques against multiple attackers in a really close range I hope you will enjoy this exercise and this kind of training Thank you for watching and enjoy this clip! First I will show you the strategy We have […]