ENTRAÎNEMENT KARATÉ À LA MAISON 🏠🥋💪 Je me prépare avec mon Père et Sensei Daniel Serfati !

to finish here we end with a a little bit of abs we did some small abs but above all contraction of the abdominals that is to say being able to block contracting the abs without blocking the breathing is to try to speak go talk but what would happen then here I hope you enjoyed this workout […]

How to block punches, Hapkido punching defence Tutorial 1

Hapkido punching defense Hapkido punching defense came from the sword movement so imagine your holding sword and blocking lifting your sword up thats actually the basic block one okay we don’t want to block out this way so we don’t want to block that way and in Hapkido, we’re not against my opponents power so we are taking […]

Basic Lesson 1

– Welcome to Beginner Class One. I’m Suzi Wong. Let’s get started. Mokusō. (dog whimpering) Mokusō yame. Shomen ni rei. Sensei ni rei. Okay, stand up. Find your training space. If you’re a beginner student, your job is to smile, try hard, keep going. If you’re a more advanced student, your job is to make your techniques as […]

Advanced Bushido Self Defense Lessons : How to Defend Against a Knife from Multiple Opponents

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Master Dave Herbert from the World Martial Arts Center, World Pro Hapkido Federation in New York City. We’re going to be demonstrating some advanced Bushido techniques. Okay, second one. It’s possible you can have more than one opponent. There could 2 or 3 with one with the knife on your throat. […]


bully who beat other people, got the worst of a fighter Hello everyone, everything good? Wesley Gimenez, in today’s video a bully who put gloves on other people and beat them but he found a fighter who beat him up let’s watch the video and then I’ll make my comments was it or wasn’t it a beating? I […]

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