How to do Takedowns Defense Hello everyone, I am Wesley Gimenez, founder of Krav Maga Skull School and this is my partner Vinicius today you gonna learn how to defend a takedown clicking above you will have access to more videos about takedowns You’re in a fighting position. He’s going to try to hold your leg to takedown […]

Why become a United States Judo Federation member?

The United States Judo Federation is a nonprofit organization that provides a framework for the grassroots development of Judo in the USA. We are the oldest national organization in the country and our mission is to serve and support our members in the American Judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit. Members of USJF […]


Hi guys, I’m Vanesa.. and in this movie I’m going to tell you some important point about the Ukemi in Judo. The first important point is we must bring the chin to our chest to keep our head bounce on the tatami. The second important point is that, we must to hit the tatami with our hand near […]

kids’ judo | Judo in Harlem 5 (vintage NY1 footage) ハーレムの柔道 | дзюдо | жүдо | dżudo

Dee has been teaching judo classes free of charge A Yale graduate, she a had a number of career opportunities. But she says teaching kids self-defense and teamwork is her life’s work. It’s not just about improving yourself; it’s about working with other people. It’s great! It means a lot for the kids to have this kind of […]