Stephan Kesting On BJJ For Beginners, Judo vs Jiu Jitsu (SHF Podcast Ep. 2)

how you doing very well thank you so like I said I had to restart everything but like I said I appreciate you just like taking the time and especially after a flight like that and that’s my pleasure wasn’t that long so hello no done jiu-jitsu are we doing are we straight in the podcast here okay […]

Como fazer o estrangulamento Norte Sul | Luta livre | Jiu-jitsu | North South Choke | Cerrado MMA

Hey What’s up, Erik Silva here And I am Junior Silva We are Brazilina Luta livre black belt And we gonna show you some basic techniques and today we’ll show you a different North South choke [North South choke] We use to be on side control to avoid his reaction press your knee on his hip And your […]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | “Perfect Angles and the Truth” | The Norway Seminar | ROYDEAN.TV

So we’re gonna start with a basic technique and jiu jitsu is all about perfect angles You want to get perfect angles as you train more and more Grabbing, and then grabbing, that’s OK But if you make just a little extra movement it can be so much tighter. It’s all in the details. Now, a lot of […]

Apos ver esse video de jiu jitsu sua vida vai mudar ( Your life will change.)

When I tell you that Judo comes from Jiu Jitsu When, Conde Koma brought to Brazil. Koma, a direct disciple of Sensei Kano. Shihan, in Japanese means master. You know, that at the time that Japan was empire… The Japanese Emperor bowed before the teacher The only person that the Emperor bows to was the teacher. The Emperor […]

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