today I brought an incredible knockout a capoeira fighter in a mma fight. I received it on my instagram below the video will play on the side. stay tuned because it is very fast mma fight. let’s stop here, then I’ll show it in slow motion surprise kick in the face. knockout very fast. let’s watch again fake […]

INSPIRATIONAL | Be A Beacon in Martial Arts | Coachella Season 2 EP 10

(atmospheric music) (people grunt) – So I’ll call guys at black belt too right. So I’ll call a few of you guys up here. This guy’s a black belt. Let’s go Rhino, Marine, Sparky, Cecil. (audience applauds) This is a special group. Anybody who makes it here has put a lot of time in with us. Rolled with […]

Ronaldo Jacare Souza UFC MMA Jiu Jitsu UFC fight Highlight 2015

Ronaldo Souza. He goes by “Jacare” which means alligator in Portuguese. It’s easy to see why they call him that by the way he mauls his opponents into submission. Here are my top 5. How will Jacare defeat his next opponent? Leave your comments below. If you liked this video give it a like and subscribe. Thank you […]

Karate Makiwara

Hello dear viewers my name is Mirko Grujć I am a graduate professor of physical education and sports, I’m a fighting instructor.I’m doing karate since 1975.I started in Karate Club “Vojvodina” and I trained with a professor of Dr.Ilije Jorge, Vladimira Jorge, Dušana Dačića,Olivera Tomića, Marko Nisovića and many others who at the same time I greet them […]

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