Como fazer o Mata-Leão | Luta livre e Jiu Jitsu | Cerrado MMA

Hey whats up, Erik Silva here And I’m Junior Silva We are Brazilian Luta-livre Black belt And we’ll show you some basics techniques And today, we’ll show you, the Rear Naked Choke [Rear Naked Choke] Once here of course, your teacher may have told you Never cross your foots here Then, pay attention to this kind of detail […]

Donald Cowboy Cerrone MMA Jiu jitsu UFC fight TOP 5 Highlight 2015

Donald Cowboy Cerrone. He’s a guy that constantly pushes the pace and goes for a finish whether standing or on the ground. Here are my top 5. ‘ (Reporter) Is that motivating for you or personal to you? Like “Oh really he’s the best striker, ok.” (Cerrone) No, no…. just more personal to me is let’s get that […]

Stephan Kesting On BJJ For Beginners, Judo vs Jiu Jitsu (SHF Podcast Ep. 2)

how you doing very well thank you so like I said I had to restart everything but like I said I appreciate you just like taking the time and especially after a flight like that and that’s my pleasure wasn’t that long so hello no done jiu-jitsu are we doing are we straight in the podcast here okay […]

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