Academy Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kids Martial Arts in Monument, CO

Hi Christa here in The Academy of Martial Arts we just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into what our students get to experience every day in class here we offer a program for anyone and everyone our programs for children start at age 4 and they are grouped together by age groups we have four to […]

Allendale Karate Allendale Martial Arts Standale Karate Fitness Self Defense Classes School

This is much different than any other Karate studio I have ever been too before. I been to a few where it’s military, very fromal And its not very family like This one here, you learn but you learn in a fun and make relationships with people. The thing that I love The most about Standale Karate, is […]

The Academy of Martial Arts in Monument, Colorado: Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Kids Martial Arts

Welcome to Academy of Martial Arts a martial arts organization for families and students of all ages our programs are specifically designed to teach students to become strong moral leaders we’re committed to providing a safe caring and educational environment supporting and actively encouraging the personal growth of our students at Academy of Martial Arts we reinforce the […]

Back Control, Rear Naked Choke & How to Escape | Effective Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this lesson, the Back Control position, the Rear Naked Choke, and how to escape. Alright, so back control is a very dominant position to be in, because it allows you to really limit your opponent’s offensive options, and at the same time give you the unique opportunity to […]

Jiu-Jitsu brésilien – Martial Arts Academy Geneva

My name is Luciano Huambachano and I’m a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teacher at the MAA My father brought me to my first Judo class at the age of 4 A the age of 20 years old, I discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through Rickson Gracie’s videos. I was fascinated by the ground-based fighting techniques he used to beat stronger and heavier […]

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