Fight Lesson 4 – End Fights Quicker by Picking Better Targets

Hi everyone Brian from progressive combat systems here and today I’m gonna teach you how to end fights sooner by picking better targets for a long time now martial arts has had this very fair fight oriented mentality the emphasis has been on outclassing and maneuvering your opponent or your sparring partner rules are drawn up either officially […]

Here’s How Much Money Bruce Lee Was Worth When He Died

Bruce Lee was a physical force to be reckoned with, and just as much a spiritual force, merging the two through intense discipline and training. The result was a man who had total confidence in his abilities to achieve greatness, and followed through with it by just about every metric one can be judged by. Fame? Check. Chiseled […]

PETER WECKAUF | SAMICS | How to Fight Multiple Attackers – Strategies and self defense techniques

Hello guys and welcome on our YouTube channel! In these video series I want to show you some strategies and techniques against multiple attackers in a really close range I hope you will enjoy this exercise and this kind of training Thank you for watching and enjoy this clip! First I will show you the strategy We have […]

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