BABYMETAL – Karate at Glastonbury 2019 + BONUS |Reaction| [Eng Sub]

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel Today too, let’s check out another BM Glastonbury live! Which song? You already know from the title of my reaction It’s KARATE. And in some way it’s a special song for me^^ Because KARATE was my very first song I heard from BABYMETAL And I’m really really clearly remember it, like it […]

Ronin Foundation helps service members overcome adversity through jiu-jitsu

Ronin is a samurai with no master. It’s a warrior that’s lost his way, kind of wondering around. Needs guidance. Needs some push. Needs some outlet in his life. The Ronin Foundation is for active duty military in Iwakuni that’s having problems with PTSD, stress, alcoholism, victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse. We take them and provide them […]

Japanese CAN Ration TASTE TEST | Type-1 JSDF Japanese Self-Defense Forces MRE

*March of the Spoons* music Greetings my lovelies. Hi it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’m going to be tasting another military ration and this time its going to be– this one. And this is a Type 1 Japanese Special Defense Forces military ration and what makes this a little bit different than any other ration that I’ve ever […]

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