3 TRUCCHI PER IMPARARE VELOCEMENTE NUOVE TECNICHE DI KARATE 3 TRUCCHI PER IMPARARE VELOCEMENTE NUOVE TECNICHE DI KARATE Ti è mai capitato di faticare a ricordare tutte le tue tecniche di karate? Non sei il solo, credimi. Memorizzare l’ampia gamma di mosse di karate, sia che si tratti di kata, kihon, kumite può rappresentare una vera e propria […]

Win Your Next Fight With This Elite Karate Strategy

– Imagine there was a secret fighting strategy that could guarantee that you won your next fight no matter who you fought or what martial art you practice. Well, in today’s video, I’m gonna reveal one such strategy that elite karate fighters around the world are using to guarantee that they improve their chances of actually winning their […]


Hey guys I’m Jesse from KARATEbyJesse.com and today I want to teach you guys how to use this thing right here, also known as a “foam roller”. Now, if you’ve been to any gym in the past couple years, you might have seen everyone from fitness moms to freak athletes rolling these things all over their body, and […]

KARATE NERD IN OKINAWA | Season 2 (Ep. 3) — Jesse Enkamp

– [Narrator] It’s time again. The Karate Nerd returns to Okinawa. To explore the history, origins, and secret techniques of traditional karate. You’re watching season two of Karate Nerd in Okinawa, featuring your host, Jesse Enkamp, a.k.a “The Karate Nerd” himself. Get ready for another epic journey to discover the untold story of Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. […]

HOW TO “KIAI!” | Karate’s Battle Shout — Jesse Enkamp

do you practice the kiai kiai is that battle scream that shout that we use in the Asian martial arts especially karate the first part of the word key actually means energy in Japanese the second part I means to join or to unite in other words you’re compressing and then delivering releasing all of your energy concentrated […]

BUNKAI | The Practical Application of Karate Kata — Jesse Enkamp

What is kata? To some people it looks like a dance. To me – it’s a fight. You see, the original purpose of kata was never to punch and kick in thin air, but to apply those techniques against an aggressive attacker in self-defense. This is what we call bunkai – the practical application of kata. Because, if […]