Edward Norton Really Hit Brad Pitt with That Awkward Punch in Fight Club

-It’s going to be the 20th anniversary of “Fight Club”? -This month. -This month. [ Cheers and applause ] -Can you believe that? It’s 20 years ago. Does that make any sense at all? -None. Because it means we were 19 when we made it. -Exactly. Yeah, of course. Do you ever watch it if it comes on […]

Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro – Post-Fight interview – 20.Jul.2009

Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro Q: What do you think of the match? A: I think I did a good job. I’ve been a Muay Thai fighter, and I’ve come into stand-up. I didn’t know that using elbows would make me lose points. Q: Before the match you mentioned there would be a lot of ground fighting. Did you know […]

Underground Dog Fighting in Afghanistan (Part 1/3)

[STATIC] GELAREH KIAZAND: So here, we’re at the dog fights. -[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] GELAREH KIAZAND: He’s saying, it’s wrong, it is bad. Whatever people may think, I love it, and I’m going to do it until the day I die. Because that’s my addiction. [MUSIC PLAYING] GELAREH KIAZAND: When you think of gambling, you think of Las Vegas […]

Elizabeth Banks on Assembling ‘Kick Butt’ Trio for Charlie’s Angels Reboot

Good to see you. I love that dress. Thank you. Looks fantastic. Color. Yes, a lot of color. Like the Lego Movie. Filled with color. Yes, it is. It looks like a Lego type dress. Like, it could be made of Legos. Yes, all my movies influence my style. So this is the Lego Movie influencing my style. […]

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