The IJF might bring back leg grabs to Judo after 2016?

What’s up, guys. Preston here with another episode of Grappler Going Abroad. I haven’t really been training that much in Judo. I’m still recovering from that concussion I got a week and a half ago. I’ve also been really busy preparing for my Interac interview coming up. So today I’m going to talk about something a little bit […]

Harai Goshi (+ Combos) by 8th Dan Korean Judo Master (허리후리기)

Step your left foot behind your right foot Your thigh and hip will make contact Pull in a downward motion, chest like this Put your weight on your left foot Your right thigh contacts their thigh your hip is under their belly In the same way, pull, thigh to thigh, hip under belly Don’t turn your chest away […]