The Incredible Kung Fu Master – Chop-Sucky #93, Part 2

[How do they DO that?] [PLEASE stop talking.] He’s taken the piss…! NOWyagonnabeDEAD!! Learning… Learning Rong Chun… Learning Rong Chun and Five… Learning Rong Chun and Five Styles… Learning Rong Chun and Five Styles is all… Learning Rong Chun and Five Styles is all wrong! Verygoodyouidiot! [Jesus.] Mahstah/ That bahstahd/ [Talk to the hand.] Found me out/ They […]

The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 2 of 3 (Hung Gar)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to The Grandmaster’s Art of Kung Fu Tutorial. The southern Chinese Kung Fu System, Hung Gar, is a long bridge style. Hung Gar has wide, swinging-arc techniques, compared to the comparatively compact motions of Wing Chun. The Hung Gar master has relentless strength. The Grandmaster’s Wing Chun uses tan bong pin [INAUDIBLE] spade, pin, sheath […]