Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : Doing a Jump Reverse Crescent Martial Arts Kick

CALEB LABARDA: Okay. Now, the next kick we’re going to learn how to do is a jump reverse crescent kick. So you must learn how to be able to jump in the air and do a spin reverse crescent kick ’cause that’s going to also be part of our 720. You gotta be able to do one spin […]

Hopping Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number 23 is a front leg hopping and rear leg roundhouse kick at open stance, The Korean term is Apbal Joogo Dwibal Dollyo Chagi. Apbal Joogo is a front foot feinting motion. Dwibal Dollyo Chagi is rear leg roundhouse kick. The first step is to bring your rear foot closer to the front foot and pop your […]


Have you ever heard the word “kime” being used in karate? Maybe your instructor, or some expert or sensei has said that “your technique lacks kime”, or that “that girl needs more kime in her punches or blocks.”? Then this video is for you. Today I want to explain the meaning behind this Japanese term in karate, why […]

Taekwondo – How to land kicks through blocks | Olympians’ Tips

HOW TO… The tip I’m going to give you today is on kicks, which can score you a lot of points. There are countless numbers of different kicks. So rather than talking about which is good and which is bad, I want to talk about how to land your kicks through your opponent’s blocks. and how to alter […]

Taekwondo Taegeuk Poomsae #3 – Taegeuk Sam Jang How-to Video

Poomsae Taeguek Sam Jang represents the Li principle of Palgwe. Li represents fire so the movement should be done with passion and dynamic power. New techniques are single knifehand outward block and knifehand neck strike and back stance. This is a good form to develop control of the body weight and speed. From Joonbi stance first left low […]

Martial Arts Training The Process of Self Defense in Reality and Life

self-defense it’s a major part of what we do as martial artists yet some for sport some for other things, but let’s break down the process of self-defense so we can understand it we’ll do it right after this. Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan Marty Husband and I’m here to talk to you about self-defense now self-defense […]