The Rules of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, The Rules of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu The object of the game is to either score more points than your opponent, or force them into submission. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, commonly referred to as BJJ, is a Brazilian Martial Art derived from the Japanese Martial Art of Jiu Jitsu, that has become popular worldwide for its effectiveness as […]

Self-Defense for Kids: Escaping Attackers : Escaping a Double Wrist Grab: Self-Defense for Kids

For kids’ safety, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re grabbed both hands in the front. Grab me? As she grabs, you can do a couple of different things. We can go back to the old duck and twist, which is one of my favorites. You can just open the door and duck and twist out […]

A Gun is NOT Enough! | 3 Essential Self Defense Layers

Just because you have a gun does not mean that you’re safe, I’m Kirsten Joy Weiss and in this episode we’re gonna talk about the three layers of self-defense that can create confidence proficiency and peace of mind Thank you to simplisafe for sponsoring this video and we’ll talk about them more later now the three layers of […]

Cara Praktis jago BJJ (Brazilian JiuJitsu ) – With Max Metino – TBC Eps 06 – Tactical Basic Combat

Welcome to TBC – Tactical Basic Combat Today is an extraordinary day, i had a visitor his name is Max Metino, he visited my dojo Max Metino is an International champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission difficult to say, but he is a champion.. how many times have you win? well my record was more than 30 times […]

Panda Cupcakes – Make “Kung Fu” Panda Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Panda Bear Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous little Panda bear cupcake. Tools and equipment that we will be using today: I’m using a little bit of chocolate cookie icing. Now cookie icing is quite widely available in the US and only really available in specialty […]