Improve Your Freestyle Kick | Swimming Drills To Make You Faster

– Front Crawl Kick is an important part of the stroke but one that’s often overlooked. Well it’s there to help your body find the correct balance and position in the water, as well as contributing to that forward propulsion. So today we’re going to be looking at how to improve your Front Crawl Kick by utilizing some […]

Vermeer CTX 50 Mini Skid Steer Loading logs with grapple on Wood Mizer Mill

Colfax Woodshop today I’m gonna go over the CTX 50 and how we’re loading these pretty big cedar logs on our mill oh look at that right there it’s a student riding by on a unicycle that’s pretty cool alright so stay tuned for a video update on the CTX 50 okay Jonathan here so this is my […]

Self-Defense for Kids: Escaping Attackers : Escaping a Bear Hug: Self-Defense for Kids

Today for kids’ safety I would like to discuss the idea of being grabbed from behind we’ll call that a bear hug. In the unforeseen incident that somebody catches you by surprise and they grab you from behind something that you can do is I use the word explosion. You use your entire body and you are going […]