How To Shoot Penalty Kicks – Tips For Great PK’s

Hey, guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training. I want to take you through a video that’s specifically how to shoot penalty kicks. OK, guys. I get asked this question quite often. What’s the best penalty kick to shoot? Pretty much finish the ball in the goal. That’s obviously the ultimate goal. It’s a no-brainer there but I […]

How to Make Judo a High School and College Sport in the U S

Hey guys, Preston here with another episode of Grappler Going Abroad. Today I want to talk about how we can integrate Judo into high school and college athletics. As I talked about in one of my prior videos, which I’ll leave and annotation for, the U.S. can experience the same kind of success in Judo by following the […]

Project Kick Off Guide: 4 Essential Steps On How To Kick Off A Project

[Music Intro]>>Hi. I’m Devin Deen, Content Director here at Today we’re talking about kicking off projects, kicking off your new project. I’ve kicked off probably hundreds of projects in my career and there are four essential items that I think you should know when you’re thinking about and getting ready to kick-off your project. So first off, […]

FIGHT AT STORAGE AUCTION storage wars style I bought an abandoned storage unit AND FOUND FIGHT !

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls what are we saying of all ages we are here at auction today look at that salt princess back in the house we’re about to go to an auction we’re gonna check out some units we’re gonna make a little auction vlog see if we go buy something don’t forget I will […]

🐲 HOW *NOT* TO FIGHT A DRAGON!! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

Steve! Steve, are you in there? “Alex,” “If you’re reading this then I’m not home. I’ve gone to collect wood to fix the leak in my roof”? “No need to look into it any further,” “whatever you do, don’t look through the window because I’m definitely a-hundred percent not there.” “..Oh. This was Steve, by the way.” Make […]

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