3 SIMPLE Tricks to Increase Punching Power | How to Punch Harder and Faster

how’d you increase punching power for a real fight or here’s three simple tricks so welcome back so we’ve done previous videos on pitting people which is always a good thing to make friends I suppose today we’re going to look at how to increase your power and power is important if you’re going to hit someone it’s […]

7 Best Martial Arts – Deadly Fighting Styles for Self Defense

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today, we’re showing you the top 7 martial arts styles for self defense It’s crucial for a man to know how to protect himself and his family from an attacker, and that’s why it’s so important to learn a fighting style that’s designed to be effective. Here are the 7 best martial arts styles: […]

Fight Vision Krav Maga

My name is Sebastian Tomiatti. I’m from Germany and I’m instructor in Krav Maga It is real self-defense system I started doing Krav Maga in 2010 and sinse 2013 I’m an instructor connection with my International Krav Maga Federation or International Krav Maga family as we like to say this one is part of every class You can […]