President Obama Kicks Off “Educate to Innovate”

The President:  Thank you.  I am extraordinarily excited to have you all here today.  A couple of special acknowledgements I want to make — first of all, two of my outstanding Cabinet members:  Secretary Arne Duncan, our Education Secretary; and Secretary Steven Chu, who is our Energy Secretary.  They are both doing outstanding work each and every day.  […]

Emma Thompson’s Family Threatened to Kick Her Out of Their House

-So, you play a judge in this film. -Play a judge, yeah. -Did you speak to judges? Did you spend time in the court? -Yeah, I really — It was absolutely fascinating. Because I don’t know you have it here, but it’s the family court. -Mm-hmm. -And, of course, the family court, because it’s about the most important […]

Ellen’s Employee Mackenzie Kicks Her Way Through a Haunted House

Nothing brings me more joy than scaring my staff. And especially when they have reactions like my integrations assistant Mackenzie did when I scared her backstage. Ahh! All right, so it gave me an idea. I thought, let’s scare her again, but this time, let’s have some professionals do it. So yesterday I surprised her on the show. […]