Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Side Leg Push in Shaolin Kung Fu

My name is Bruce Wen and accompany me is my student Johnny Kao. Another way that you could improve your flexibility by the pair of a partner is by performing a Sideward Leg Push. Now I’m going to help Johnny demonstrate the Sideward Leg Push while I’m pushing his leg. So he lean against the wall, his hand’s […]

Haggar VS Zangief (Final Fight VS Street Fighter) | DEATH BATTLE!

B:This episode of Death Battle brought to you by Netflix. Go to for your free trial membership. *Cues: Invader – Jim Johnston* W: Capcom has produced hundreds of deadly warriors, but few can best these two hulking leviathans. B: Haggar, the Mayor-elect of whoop ass… W: And Zangief, Russia’s Red Cyclone. B: These two wrestlers have never […]

Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Submission Moves : Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Submission Moves: Straight Ankle Locks

On behalf of Expert Village. I’m Angel Perez with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. And today, we will be teaching you Judo and Jiu Jitsu submission moves. O.k., something I want to bring up before we go into our next move. There are no leg locks in Judo. So these are all Jiu Jitsu moves. O.k. Keep […]

Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Forward Leg Push in Shaolin Kung Fu

Ladies and gentlemen, now we’re going to improve our flexibility with the help of a partner. Accompanying me is my student, Johnny Kao. Okay. Now we’re going to show you how to do a Forward Leg Push. Okay. You can do a Forward Leg Push with the hands out holding your hips, or holding your hips. So now […]

Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Reverse Pin From the Shoulder in Judo

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you beginners judo. Okay on this next clip we are going to show you another pin and it is a reverse pin from the side from the osaekomi and it goes like this. Osaekomi like this like […]

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