Defesa e Jiu-Jitsu: a escapada do cem-quilos favorita de Ryan Gracie

We are side-mounted… This hand on his shoulder. This one is here like this, right, but it will go inside. I will use my arm and body to bump him on his armpit. Then I bumped him… Spinned… Got my arm in, Locked the arm-triangle. Here you can choose: Either you pull guard and submit, Or go sideways, […]

Advanced Bushido Self Defense Lessons : How to Defend Against a Gun with Bushido

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Master Dave Herbert from the World Martial Arts Center, World Pro Hapkido Federation in New York City. We’re going to be demonstrating some advanced Bushido techniques. Okay, gun in your face or in your head, bad problem for him. Someone should have told him guns are meant to be used a […]

MMA Standing Self Defense Moves : How to Escape a Standing Choke Hold

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeanette. This is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village. DANIEL KLAPHEKE: This is an escape from a standing rear naked choke. In this situation, we’re going to assume we already screwed up. They got us from behind. We didn’t do anything to prevent that, ’cause that’s the […]

Como fazer o Mata-Leão | Luta livre e Jiu Jitsu | Cerrado MMA

Hey whats up, Erik Silva here And I’m Junior Silva We are Brazilian Luta-livre Black belt And we’ll show you some basics techniques And today, we’ll show you, the Rear Naked Choke [Rear Naked Choke] Once here of course, your teacher may have told you Never cross your foots here Then, pay attention to this kind of detail […]

The Truth About Brandon Lee Finally Revealed

All these years after his accidental death in March 1993, Brandon Lee continues to fascinate fans both new and old. Son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, the actor is best known for his truly haunting performance in the goth-tinged 1994 film The Crow. “I see you’ve made your decision. Now let’s see you enforce it.” Here’s everything […]

Classic Kung Fu Fighting (season 1) | Eight-step praying mantis attack | Leon Chu(朱思勳)

Hello everyone and I am Master Chu, and today we are going to introduce some basic movements of SKF system .now our opponent may try to attack us with his right fit like these And then we can control his right wrist Broken his elbow at the first time When we broken his right arm ,we hit the […]

Como fazer o estrangulamento Norte Sul | Luta livre | Jiu-jitsu | North South Choke | Cerrado MMA

Hey What’s up, Erik Silva here And I am Junior Silva We are Brazilina Luta livre black belt And we gonna show you some basic techniques and today we’ll show you a different North South choke [North South choke] We use to be on side control to avoid his reaction press your knee on his hip And your […]

Triângulo invertido da meia guarda | Cerrado MMA | Jiu-Jitsu | Luta Livre

Hey what’s up, Erik Silva here! And I’m Marcus Ferreira We’ll show you, the inverted triangle choke from half guard [Inverted Triangle choke from Half Guard] I have to use my knee on his chest and my foot on his rip to keep this distance Now I use my knee to unbalace my opponent Now he wants to […]

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