MMA Standing Self Defense Moves : How to Escape a Standing Front Clench

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeanette. This is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village. This is an escape from front tight clinch. MAN: Action. JASON JEANETTE: All right, he’s swimming through my punches to a clinch. I throw a jab, cross. He’s pulling me down, 1, 2, 3, 4, pulls the back […]

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Moves : Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Americana Shoulder Lock

This is Don Daly representing and in this clip we are going to demonstrating the Americana shoulder lock. So I have him in side control. Usually the guy is going to keep his arm under here where it is safe. Lets say he makes mistake and he puts it here or I grab his hand and I […]

Master Wong: Crafting a Combat Mindset for Street Self-Defense

One, attack right here, attack his whole body, and then this hand come on this side straight away. We’re in a position like this. Okay, let’s play. Come on. Then grab, try to have that here because you got to use that in a minute. That’s it, or, you can go straight away. Control that, and lock that […]

Kick Lab Lesson 13 – The LegLock – Learn to Fight BJJ From the Master Spider Sensei

Hey guys. I’m going to teach in that situation here in the side control, the This is a very interesting attack because my opponent, when I stay here when I stay in that situation here, my opponent on put his leg here to protect himself That’s very simple because when I stay in that situation here I hold […]

BJJ Chiropractor – Chiropractic Care Helps with Jiu Jitsu Neck Injury

Hello there, Dr Eric Chludzinski here with Fanwood Back Relief Center. Today we’re going to do a treatment video with Alex. She’s here today for neck pain and stiffness as well as lower back issues as well. Old disc injury, tailbone problem back in the day. She is into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so it’s definitely taking a toll […]

Kick Lab Lesson 12 – Kimura BJJ MMA Move Tutorial – Learn from the UFC GOAT Spider Sensei

Hello everyone, I’m Anderson Silva, I’m here at Kick Lab, with my son Kalyl And today’s is Monday, then a new technique, and today I’m going to teach the Okay guys I’m here, in that situation when my opponent tried to punch me and I’m using my arm to protect me, and I hold inside, when I hold […]

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