Deadpool vs Logan Fight Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Marvel X-Men Movie Clip

Okay Prefect Kayla Get the Kids out of here, Logan! Find an another way out Wade, is that you? Striker finally Figured out How to shut You up Wait You don’t Have to Do this Maybe You do I can help, let me handle Go Did I Get them Yeah Let’s go I can’t Go Kayla come on […]

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP04(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Yuan Fei. You. Do you feel bad? Have a water first. You felt so bad last night. Now Yunqing lives in your house. So, could you do me a favor? No. Yunqing must feel sick for he was drunk. I have made him a soup to sober up. Could you bring this to him for me? I’m a […]

Thor vs Hela – First Fight Scene | Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Brother… This…was your doing. So he’s gone? It’s a shame. I would have liked to have seen that. You must be Hela. I’m Thor, the son of Odin. Really? You don’t look like him. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement. You sound like him. Kneel. Beg you’re pardon? Kneel. Before your queen. I don’t think so. It’s–not–possible. […]

The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 3 of 3 (Bagua)

Welcome to the Grandmaster’s Art of Kung Fu Tutorial. Bagua, or Baguazhang, is a system designed to face multiple opponents. The Bagua stylist’s movements are a circle within a circle. The Bagua stylist can deal with multiple threats while maintaining focus on the main one. Bagua is said to have 64 movements, turning in circular patterns, attacking from […]

Get Freaky! WKF sports kumite karate drills!

Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna BC, here with another video highlighting some of our karate athletes in the community. Today’s video is about defensive tactics; three defensive tactics, first one BRING IT! Second one GET FREAKY! Third one GO HOME! BRING IT we want to draw the person in, […]

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