Bruce Lee | Bruce Lee movie Scenes | GV Prakash chases goons | Kriti Kharbanda covinces Gv Prakash

All incidents and some spoof characters in this film are fictitious, bear no resemblance (Smoking is injurious to health) Do you think you are a big man? How dare you talk back like a prude… When you are new… learn who’s who before you start pointing things If not, this happens Understand? They’re here Let’s go Let’s go […]

Bruce Lee | GV Prakash reveals his past | Naan Thaan Goppan Da song | Kriti makes fun of Gv Prakash

It’s very late Where are you two? We are leaving (Liquor consumption is injurious to health) I’ll be there shortly Please deal with the warden Come soon Yes yes okay Bye Priya! Is this salmon? No! That’s Nagma Shut up and eat Dude! (Liquor consumption/smoking is injurious to health) – Today was messed up! – Was that just […]

Bruce Lee Movie Scene | Ramdoss judge | G V Prakash submit evidence to Commissioner

Talk only about what we should do now How about the Press? We could, but we don’t know anyone We’ll get into trouble if we aren’t careful It’s better to know someone… What’s the time? 12:10… “It’s nothing but the truth” Hi Uncle! How are you? This is Suprajit’s daughter… – Remember me? – Yes, dear Go on […]

Bruce Lee | Bruce Lee Movie scenes | Munishkanth kidnaps Kriti Kharbanda and her friend | GV Prakash

I’m no Baasha I’m no Antony I… …am Bruce Lee! I’m not Vineet nor Kunal I’m Abbas But for that… Let go Idiot Go Keep moving… Hey! My main man is dancing here and… Stop that car! Stop! That’s an ambulance Don’t be afraid OK? Come! Keep coming! You drunks! That’s the police The Police! The Police! The […]

Bruce Lee scenes | Bala Saravanan seeks Rajendran’s help | Motta Rajendran dances for Rajini’s song

Top notch! Dude… My uncle doesn’t like back talk, talking loud, and speaking in English To sum it, my uncle doesn’t like talking Then how can…? We have to It’s all the same Talk less and… Get out of the way! Who the…? Chief! Logu and Dev kidnapped Commissioner’s daughters at the sugarcane fields Praba is also there […]

Bruce Lee | Bruce Lee full Movie Scenes | Munishkanth’s man turns against him Munishkanth

Oh joy!! Gemini Ganesh! Come out! Hey Abbas! Get out! What’s with him? What is he doing? I’ll check Kattappa! You got me beaten up! What is it? Come! Why shouting? Hey kids! Do you know how big a thug I am? I wanted to be a hero, because in movies, the villain gets beaten up But you […]

Bruce Lee Scenes | Anandaraj seems to be happy | Gv Prakash witness the murder of Mansoor Ali kHan

Godfather! He’s the one who killed Maasi We shouldn’t let him go Tell me now And I’ll do him in Shut up! Will you not shut up! Kaasi, let him go He’ll die ‘A few days before’ You Stop that car Hey! Stop the car Why didn’t they stop here? ‘Our’ boys, sir… ‘Our’ boys meaning your sons? […]

Bruce Lee | G V Prakash & Kriti decides to reveal the photo | G V Prakash comes to know the truth

Will anyone cry all night? – What is it? – Look at this photo Minister! Isn’t his death the reason why this city is terrorised? How did you take this? This is evidence for murder – Let’s go – Where? Police station Get lost! To explain my crying all night, I haven’t deleted it yet He’s lying He […]

Bruce Lee movie Scenes | GV Prakash & Bala Saravanan gets caught by Munishkanth | Kriti Kharbanda

What a disgusting man – that Godfather! “Oh genius Come win me over” “To have met you is a blessing” Hey, untie me and watch I dance better than her Nope I like Nayanthara Hey! Don’t you ever get turned on? What are you saying! Let’s see if he tries to rape There’s just one guy We can […]

Bruce Lee | Bruce Lee Full Video songs | GV Prakash Best hits | Simbu songs | Kriti Kharbanda songs

Bruce Lee! “Hey my sugar mint girl…” “I’m your refreshing jigarthanda” “My colourful girl…” “Sweet baby, sweetheart…” “Darling…the pupil of my eyes” “Come on my sweet demon” “Do something you are not supposed to…” “Lady!” “When I think of you…Hot…” “Turn and French me” “There’s no stopping” “My little banshee…” “Lady, you are my heartbeat” “The centre of […]