Defesa e Jiu-Jitsu: a escapada do cem-quilos favorita de Ryan Gracie

We are side-mounted… This hand on his shoulder. This one is here like this, right, but it will go inside. I will use my arm and body to bump him on his armpit. Then I bumped him… Spinned… Got my arm in, Locked the arm-triangle. Here you can choose: Either you pull guard and submit, Or go sideways, […]

Jiu-Jitsu – Finalização Triângulo de Mão – Gabriel Peixoto – BJJCLUB

Ladies and gentlemen of bjjclub. I’m here at Alliance Santos. With Gabriel Peixoto he train with Raul Faconti at Alliance Santos. Alliance Santos, city of excellent champions, great bjj fighters. To day Grabriel is going to show us a Submission. To use when the opponent is at the half guard and try to use the pummel to go […]