Help Wanted – Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls (Ep 4)

Announcer:Previously on “Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls”…( growling )Subjects lost one of their ownwhile performing a task for ConOp.( screaming ) My amigo got killed. And I’m gonna get those zombies for my boy Tony.Later, they paid the price for interacting withBranch Four rebels.I’d like three of you to come with us now so we can […]

Kung Fu Cooking Girls (English subs, sous-titres français)

At last, a real market I haven’t got a good meal during these days of travel Hello sir You seems to be starving… You should not miss the Shao’s dim sum… The most delicious food in Dragon Gate town. Go ahead, try these. These country pastes are bad. You might consider the Sophia’s Loveburg. Guys, You’re all the […]

Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls – OFFICIAL TRAILER

In 2016,ten YouTube stars took part in an epic challenge…Go, go, go, go, go, go.…to survive the zombie apocalypse for 72 hours.[panting]Only two returned.Hurry, get out of here! ♪♪Today,a new experiment begins.Initiate Paradise Calls.Let me be the first to welcome youto the site of the upcoming Paradise Calls Music Festival.Put me in coach, I’m ready. Whoo! ♪♪ Ahhh! […]

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