Kung Fu Panda (The video game) Part 1 – “Po’s Dream” – Let’s Play Walkthrough

Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose Kung Fu skills were a stuff of legend. He traveled the land in search of worthy foes. The warrior smelled the fear in the air. But he knew it wasn’t coming from him because he was totally confident. Oh! Greatest Kung Fu master in entire universe and beyond, save me! HEY! […]

CGRundertow JOHNNY KUNG FU for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

QUICKLY. You have one hour. Your girlfriend’s been kidnapped by Mr. Wang, and it’s up to you and your fists and feet to save her. You are… JOHNNY KUNG FU. Starring Pauly Shore as Johnny! Scarlett Johansson as Paula! Alan Rickman as Mr. Wang! And Weena Mercator as The Hopping Woman! Sixty minutes! Story after story of fistfights! […]


*Evil Laughing* (Kicked Chase) *More Evil Laughing* (Chase Screaming) (More Chase Screaming) It Was Just A Bad Dream Bad Dream Huh What Was It Bout? Another Bad dream What? Do I have a booger? *Laughing* intro lol *Chase Scream* We’re done with the skit you can stop screaming, so FGTEEVers what is up we are about to *Scream […]

When Swatting Goes Wrong

From broken bones to a fatal shooting, this is what a happens when swatting goes wrong. Number 5 Tyran Dobbs In February 2015, Zachary Lee, a 23-year-old from Maryland, in the US, contacted Robert Walker-McDaid from Coventry, England. Through a messaging app Lee asked the latter’s help in swatting another Maryland resident, named Tyler Dobbs. McDaid called a […]

Rs.30,000 (30k) Gaming PC build with gaming performance – TheBrirontech

Hello everybody. So you wanna build a gaming PC that costs 30,000. Well, this video is for you. SO believe it or not, 30,000 is actually the sweet spot for gaming. Most Indian gamers prefer this. To be precise, 79.8798% of gamers. Ok, that’s not true. I just made that up. Please don’t dislike this video. So as […]

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