Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Vs Blue Belt

අද මම ෆෝන් එක චෙක් කරද්දි පරණ වීඩියෝ එකක් හම්බුනා දැනට අවුරුද්දකට කලින් මගෙ උපන් දිනය දවසෙ ගත්ත වීඩියෝ එකක් BJJ Family එකත් එක්ක ගත කරපු තවත් එක සුන්දරම දවසක්. හැමෝගෙම ආදරය ගොඩක් සබ්මිශන්, ගොඩාක් චෝක් මට තෑගි විදිහට ලැබුනා. ඒ වගේම මට තව චැලේන්ජ් එකක් ලැබුනා ඒ මගේ කෝච් ගෙ ගාර්ඩ් එක පාස් කරන එක. ගාර්ඩ් එක […]

Funny Football Free Kicks, Bloopers, Misses, Fails.. Vol.8 | freekickerz

Hi and welcome to a new video! Today, we will compare Lionel Messi’s F50 with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Superfly. So, you think you have a chance as Ronaldo? Perfect! So, we first play normal passes and then…? Ouch! You must be kidding!? Konzi: Yo, what’s up? Luca: Can I have a look? Konzi: Noooo. Konzi: Yo, what’s up? Look […]

Cara Praktis jago BJJ (Brazilian JiuJitsu ) – With Max Metino – TBC Eps 06 – Tactical Basic Combat

Welcome to TBC – Tactical Basic Combat Today is an extraordinary day, i had a visitor his name is Max Metino, he visited my dojo Max Metino is an International champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission difficult to say, but he is a champion.. how many times have you win? well my record was more than 30 times […]

24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! 📦🚔 Grappling Hook Escape, Secret Room & THE ESCAPE

previously on Papa Jake the Arctic we’re in an Arctic research facility we’d walk down another floor here we go Papa Jake is taking the leg cause he’s making crazy bucks for videos we need to put it itches and lock him up shares there behind this little ones have locked me up here in this prison I […]

Help Wanted – Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls (Ep 4)

Announcer:Previously on “Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls”…( growling )Subjects lost one of their ownwhile performing a task for ConOp.( screaming ) My amigo got killed. And I’m gonna get those zombies for my boy Tony.Later, they paid the price for interacting withBranch Four rebels.I’d like three of you to come with us now so we can […]

PRANKED! Served her own food by top chef 😂 – BBC

OVERLY DRAMATIC MUSIC Marco! RECORD SCRATCH Ciao! MICHAEL LAUGHS Have you heard of Jane Miller… ..from Corby, Northamptonshire? I’ve never heard of her. OK. Well, I have been in her lovely home, in Corby, and I’ve raided her freezer without her knowing. She’s here holidaying on the cruise and we are going to serve her own food back […]

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