Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie Part 21

There’s no one here! CHINESE MEDICINE It’s a miracle he lasted this long. The herbs should help him. Herbal medicine can only partly help. The key is his own body structure. All his bones and tendons are broken. It’s amazing he’s recovering so fast. It can’t be possible… Unless he’s… What’s that smell? You mustn’t smoke while you’re […]

Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 1

Shen is defeated! Shen is defeated! Whoa… We did it! What an awesome feeling! Did you see Tigress? She was like striped lightning! Uh, Po… And Monkey? Swinging around all Monkey Style? That was awesome! Oh, oh, and… Po… No worries, I didn’t forget you, Viper, with your snakity-snakeness… Po! Look! Shen may be gone, but his goons […]

Basic Kung Fu Moves : Kung Fu Warm Up Exercises & Stretches

This is Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s Martial Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and Ms. Esmeralda Sanchez, this is one of our black belts, and we will be demonstrating the stretching. Warm-up and stretching is a very important part of the martial art training by doing so it can prevent a lot of muscle injury, […]

Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Kung Fu Little Red Boxing Moves 49-57

Okay, ladies and gentlemen now we’re going to continue with the next segment of the Shaolin Little Red Boxing. Continuing from the previous segment. You’re going to bring your left leg back, your left hand first go down, bring your left leg back, okay, raise your left leg, push your left hand, step down, step forward, raise your […]

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