Basic Kung Fu Moves : Duan Chuan Routine in Kung Fu: Part 1

This is Yun Yang Wang from Wang’s Martial Art and on behalf of the Expert Village and this is Ms. Esmeralda Sanchez, one of our black belts and we’re demonstrating one of the kung fu routine form called Duan Chuan, short attack fist form. And the starting position would be hands by the side, then starting with a […]

How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : How to Break a Spear with Your Throat in Shaolin Kung Fu

First thing I’m going to show you how to do is breaking a Spear with the neck or with the throat. The throat is one of the weakest part of the human body. Yet, with our intensive training and other energy that we’ve incorporated over the year of training, we can break spear with our throat. I’m going […]

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