10 DIAS GRATIS de ENTRENAR CONMIGO: DIA 6 – Front Kick Through

alright team it’s time for our front kick through so i’m hoping that you already went through your front step and your front step through movement because this one is definitely a progression to those so what we’re going to do is really get dynamic and explosive with this position and it’s all going to start in that […]

Front Kick (Push-Kick, Foot-Jab, Teep) Tutorial. Muay Thai Training with English Subtitles

Hello, there. My name is Lena. I am training front kick now using the boxing bag. Today I’m going to show you the technique of the front kick which is commonly used in Muay Thai. The front kick is an effective defensive move which can stop an aggressive opponent and damage him. There are several variations on how […]

Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Front Stance for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

Hi! My name is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness & Self Defense in Miami, Florida. My website is www.antakungfu.com. The next move I want to show you is a part of your foundation of Southern Kung Fu, your front stance. We do our front stance a little different than most martial arts, and here is why. Southern styles […]

Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Judo Front Fall with Roll

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you beginners judo. Okay in this other clip we are going to show the front fall which is the most important of all falls because we are always going to be usually toss to the front of […]

Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Front Sweep in Judo

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you beginners judo. On this next clip I’m going to demonstrate for you Ma-sutemi which is a sweeping technique as well to the front uses the opponent force when he pushes on me. And it shows like […]

HOW TO: Morote uke – simply explained | Shotokan Karate technique

Hello today we have the topic Morote uke, the defense technique with both arms. The front arm repels like Uchi Uke – the same movement covers the Chudan area. The back arm gets out from behind, as the front arm also. Back of the hand is best up, because when we arrive, front, the back of the hand […]

Aikido Basic Techniques : Karate Ryote Tori Shihonage

We’ve dealt with three attacks from behind, now we’re going to start looking at frontal attacks. The first one is called Ryote Tori Shihonage. Ryote, the technical name is Karate Ryote Tori, so two hands held in front. Just like this. Again, I have my left foot forward. What I’m going to do with this particular technique is […]

Skipping Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick for Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number seven is a front foot skipping right roundhouse kick at closed stance. The Korean term is Apbal Joogo Dwibal Dollyo Chagi. Apbal Joogo means fainting with the front foot. Dwibal Dollyo Chagi is rear leg roundhouse kick. The first step is to bring your rear foot toward the front leg and skip and put your front […]

Front Kick Toes Protection Taekwondo, karate, Martial Arts, Karate, Front Kick, Tae Kwon Do

Hello, I am Paul Zaichik Founder of ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning Today I am going to make a short video Front Kick ??? , In relation to the foot positioning Of the front kick Front Kick Ap Chagi I have been asked this questions a few time Martial Arts Front Kick So basically here We pull back […]

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