Suomen URHEILUGAALA | PM 2019 | Keflavik Iceland | FOC Taekwondo

Howdy hey! We’re standing in the traffic lights. Hey there! We’re on our way to the Finnish Sports Gala. But first we have to find a train so that we can meet ‘MaMa’ [Master Marco]. Can you see my watch? – Not really… Howdy hey! We’re using an escalator. [Untranslatable pun] Where are your feet? This AI thinks […]

Road to the European Championships | FOC Taekwondo

Have you seen Christian anywhere? You mean that guy with the long beard? No, haven’t seen him. Who’s this? Where is my homework? Tashi! [Again!] You found your homework? – Yes! Meh… Hide the buns! [Untranslatable pun] Ready for the beach! Ready for the beach… – Indeed! [Untranslatable pun] Freddie Mercury was probably as poor as any other […]

Nunchaku Eğitimi – Batuhan Kağanoğlu l 1.Ders

Hello friends In the previous video, we described Nunchaku’s definition, history and genres. We will start training now Advantages and disadvantages of Nunchaku the first advantage No matter how you hold Nunchakuyu If I have an opponent He can’t imagine how I hit him. For example, I held it like this I can hit my opponent from above […]

Nunchaku (Nunçaku) Nedir ? l Eğitim Videoları Duyurusu

Nunchaku, a traditional art of defense! Some people call this defense device “mınchka”, but the original name is Nunchaku. Nunchaku’s birthplace is the island of Ryukyu in Japan. But similar to this device in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, as well as countries. Nunchaku was originally found to beat rice and wheat as an agricultural tool. However, when the […]