Improve Your Freestyle Kick | Swimming Drills To Make You Faster

– Front Crawl Kick is an important part of the stroke but one that’s often overlooked. Well it’s there to help your body find the correct balance and position in the water, as well as contributing to that forward propulsion. So today we’re going to be looking at how to improve your Front Crawl Kick by utilizing some […]

Learning to Swim as An Adult: How to Flutter Kick and Glide in Water

Hi my name’s Alex and I’m a certified swim instructor with AquaMobile. In this lesson we are going to recap our kicking and then we are going to try and get even further by adding a glide. Let’s get swimming. To recap what we did in our last lesson let’s go over the skill of kicking in the […]

No-kick Skating for Efficient Freestyle

It is important how to extend “gliding time” for efficient freestyle. With drag-less position, you will glide further by shifting your weight forward. It is effective to practice “Skating” drill without kicking. It also is a good practice for your “initial pull”. You will aim for 10 inches deeper from the surface when you push off the bottom. […]

How to Swim Competitive Freestyle : Kicking Drills for Freestyle Swimming

Hello and welcome to Expert Village. I’m Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. In the world of swimming, and with most strokes, there are several types of drills. The most common drill in freestyle for kicking would include those with the kick board. You are simply going to use your straight leg/pointed toe kick with your […]

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