JKA karate basics – Kihon – Shizentai & heisoku-dachi [SUBS]

Level 1 For this first level, we are going to study hand technique, kicking technique and stances For shizentai, being relaxed and the feeling of balance are important Spread your feet at the same width as your hips My body is straight and perpendicular to the floor Heisokudachi is an important stance for the kicking training (among others) […]


do you fight for your life or just beg for it? Shalom Skulls, here Wesley Gimenez, this theme caused controversy on my instagram. A lot of people said that I was promoting violence .. bla bla I worried with people’s mentality and you? do you fight for your life or just beg for it our society is creating […]

HOPE – Music and Karate for Citzenship FEAT. SENSEI RODRIGO

The belief in a prosperous future full of possibilities To believe, to insist, never give up. What else can we say about this feeling that invades the human being making it overflow with joy, keeping in your smile the desire to move on? Oh, smile! Speaking about this gesture so simple and sublime we remember the innocence and […]

Liverpool vs Norwich City | Reds net four to kick-off the Premier League season

Robertson. Origi, lovely weight on the ball from Robertson. Gives Origi something to work with. And work well he does! The first goal of Liverpool’s new season is an own goal by Grant Hanley. Alexander-Arnold for Liverpool. Might fall for Salah. It’s gonna come to Firmino, Mo Salah! Goal for Liverpool, goal for Mohamed Salah. At it once […]

티켓(1986) / Ticket (Tiket)

Ticket Producer Jin Seong-man Planning Kim Ji-mee, Sin Gyeong-sik Screenplay Song Gil-han Cinematography Koo Joong-mo Lighting Choi Yui-jeong Music Shin Byung-ha Editing Park Soon-duk Art director Won Ki-ju Recording Kim Byeong-su Kim Ji-mee Ahn So-young Myeong Hui Lee Hye-young Jeon Se-yeong Park Keun-hyong, Choi Dong-joon Yoon Yang-ha, Chang Hyeok Kim In-moon, Lee Suk-koo Makeup No Il-sil Styling Lotte […]

(몰카) 미녀 여사친에게 광고비 준다고 하고 키스 씬 을 찍자고 한다면?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hey, Sung-bae! You’re here? Kkongnyang Kkongnyang~ [Kkongnyang Kkongnyang~ What about her who appeared with a loud laugh?] I live next door (This is the woman) Let’s do this together~ [Today’s hidden camera star Sung-bae’s just girl friend and current trot singer ‘Eezy’ Kim Sang-hee, a former MBC comedian] I’m sorry. I didn’t memorize it. [Today’s hidden camera star […]


Personally, we did a lot of careful work on every track of this album The thing that represents NCT 127 as one and our own uniqueness We worked hard to show something new I think you can feel that we’ve improved Always fearless, challenging and brave. We hope to be remembered as a boy band like that I […]

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