The Untold Truth Of Dwight Schrute

Former Dunder Mifflin paper salesman and assistant to the regional manager Dwight Schrute is loud, intense, and one of television’s most memorable dunces. However, even though the titular office’s doors have been shuttered for a while now, there’s still a lot you might not know about the beet-loving, karate-kicking owner of Schrute Farms. Dwight Schrute and Rainn Wilson […]

Stephan Kesting On BJJ For Beginners, Judo vs Jiu Jitsu (SHF Podcast Ep. 2)

how you doing very well thank you so like I said I had to restart everything but like I said I appreciate you just like taking the time and especially after a flight like that and that’s my pleasure wasn’t that long so hello no done jiu-jitsu are we doing are we straight in the podcast here okay […]

Vital Point Attacks in Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Eye Attack

In women’s self defense and personal protection, at times you may be forced to do something that is very harsh in order to protect your life. And I say that not, once again, to be melodramatic, but to make you understand that the techniques that we’re showing now aren’t what I consider first line of defense type techniques. […]

Box Office for Kung Fu Panda 3, Avatar vs Star Wars The Force Awakens, China

Welcome to this week’s Movie Math, where it is indeed the year of the Monkey not just for China – but Dreamworks Animation. See, according to the Chinese horoscope, the year of the Monkey brings financial activity – and if you want to prosper you have to be savvy. Which is exactly what’s going on with Dreamworks Animation! […]

Escape Techniques for Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Escape from Hair Grab

Another important technique in women’s self defense is a defense against the hair grab. Obviously, it would be difficult for me to show, so I’m going to work with Theresa right away. I’m going to have her turn right here. If I grab her by the hair, she wants to get positive control over my hand as well […]

From friendship to love || “13 Reasons Why X Bridge to Terabithia” [Karaoke]

Lookin’ for a better place (lookin’ for a better place) Something’s on my mind Always in my headspace But I know some day I’ll make it out of here Even if it takes all night or a hundred years Need a place to hide, but I can’t find one near Wanna feel alive, outside I can fight my […]

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