PBS Hawai‘i – HIKI NŌ 12/5/19 | Wai‘anae Intermediate School | Junior Champion

Logyn Lynn Puahala is a nine-year-old trying to make her way to the top in the sport of judo. Her parents are part-owners of Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club, located in Waipahu, Hawaiʻi. It is here that Logyn spends many hours each week helping to train preschoolers, as well as students who are older than her. I’m going to […]

Female Fighters of Kurdistan (Part 1/3)

THOMAS MORTON: Hi, it’s Thomas. We’re in Kurdistan in northern Iraq near the Iran border. We are hanging out with the women fighters of PJAK, Free Life for Kurdistan Party. [GUNFIRE] [MUSIC PLAYING] THOMAS MORTON: This is northern Iraq, a suburban paradise of shopping malls, fast food, and the most advanced movie technology on the planet. Holy shit. […]

Loona Kick 23

Trans by Figgy Success! It’s jjang right? Isn’t it cute? But you can throw away the neon if you don’t need it I’ll turn it on right now Right now? I will when I get back to dorm Aww it’s so pretty Great~ See, I bought all the glittering things I really wanted to buy this Oh did […]

♪ “Fighting For Love” – A Minecraft Parody of Waiting For Love By Avicii (Music Video)

when i began all i did was train all day And every night all I did was train some more. And if I stopped in this life I’ll be gone for good. No I can’t be defeated. For every spawner I break for the weaker ones. For every lost came the bones of a skeleton. For every person […]

Kung Fu Panda 3 Trailer (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Subtitledtrailers.com A Kung Fu master is prepared to train hard. Move fast. Incoming! Be brave. Come on! And above all… be ready for anything. Perfect. Really?! No. Again! But next January, nothing can prepare him for his greatest challenge yet. Who are you? I’m Li Chan. I’m looking for my son. You lost you son? Yes. Many years […]

Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Trailer – English | In Cinemas 10 May

Arrhhh!! aarh ha ha.. Kia! Ahhaa.. ha ha.. Do we have a brave warrior amongst you who can bring my princess back to me.. [music] We want a team that’s ready to fight for Kia not for gold and silver they should fight for friendship Only the brave hearts of Dholakpur can make such a team Yes, you […]

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