Learning to Swim as An Adult: How to Flutter Kick and Glide in Water

Hi my name’s Alex and I’m a certified swim instructor with AquaMobile. In this lesson we are going to recap our kicking and then we are going to try and get even further by adding a glide. Let’s get swimming. To recap what we did in our last lesson let’s go over the skill of kicking in the […]

Flutter Kick Swim Instruction (freestyle & backstroke kick technique) #swimlesson #flutterkick

You want to make sure that you have floppy feet Now sometimes you’ll run into swimmers who have flexed feet and they’ll be stiff and they’ll be kicking like this in the water What you want is to have long feet, you want to have floppy feet on the end so they’re catching the water and forcing it […]

Vertical Flutter Kick

There’s no better way to train a narrow consistent kick than with vertical flutter kick and coaches there’s no better way to improve the swimmers kick than to film them doing this and show them how they’re moving their legs and feet the model looks like this the legs are long yet supple the toes are pointed yet […]