Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Strengthening a Judo Pin

Ok, first of all, I am “chicken-winging” this arm just like this, and I’m holding underneath the elbow, just underneath the shoulder area. Now give it a nice little squeeze right there. This arm is going around her neck and I’m spreading out just like this, almost like a cheerleader if you will. I’m grabbing either my own […]

Judo Self-Defense Techniques : O Goshi Judo Flip Variations

Now Ogosh is very important because it’s one of the most popular moves in competition especially with beginners. It is very important that you try moving back. Just like Ippon Seoi Nage, you’re going to be fighting for something against someone who wants is just spat, it’s going to be resisting. So we’re going to go ahead and […]