10 Fire Fighting Inventions That Every Government Should Possess 🔥🌏

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of firefighters as we know that fire has played a vital role in the development of humankind it is also dangerous at the same time fire destroys assets worth billions of dollars and takes lives of thousands of people every year that’s why it is important to know the […]

Kung Fu School Student Protects Girlfriend Fight Real Footage

People who train in martial arts should try to avoid fights But ever wonder what it’ll be like when the students in a Kung Fu academy get into it? This footage had been circling around Chinese websites showing some students from a Kung Fu academy fighting on campus We can see body parts flying around, so very f**king […]

Pump Up the Bass to Douse a Blaze: Mason Students’ Invention Fights Fires

We’re both graduating from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at George Mason University, this coming May. We’re here, we’re just gonna test out our device that we used, that uses sound frequencies to extinguish flames.>>I see this device being applied to a lot of things. First off, I think in the kitchen, it could be on top […]

Kung Fu Panda (2008) – Tai Lung’s Escape Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

– Oh, no! – What’s happening? To your battle stations! Go! Go! Go! – Fire cross-bow! – Fire! Fire! Tai Lung’s free. I must warn Shifu. You’re not going anywhere. Neither is he! – Let go of me. – Bring it up! Wait! Bring it back! – He’s going this way! – He won’t get far. Archers! We’re […]