Why Jiu Jitsu?

The most important thing that people get from the school is the self confidence that they have that they can like overcome anything because when a guy comes over the first thing that he feels is he is going to get hurt, he is going to break something or its something that he can not do it and […]

Kung Fu Cooking Girls (English subs, sous-titres français)

At last, a real market I haven’t got a good meal during these days of travel Hello sir You seems to be starving… You should not miss the Shao’s dim sum… The most delicious food in Dragon Gate town. Go ahead, try these. These country pastes are bad. You might consider the Sophia’s Loveburg. Guys, You’re all the […]

BRUCE BUFFER Wants to Fight in the UFC – Full Announcement on (December 20th)

Would you ever consider fighting in the UFC? People may have heard that Bruce wants to take a fight and it’s funny because a lot of people don’t know Bruce’s history Bruce’s first and foremost a specimen when it comes to physical fitness if you touch the guy he’s solid as a rock he’s flexible he you know […]

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