(Sub español) Hyadain – Yie Ar Kung-Fu Rap [【ヒャダイン】ーイーアルカンフーで、ラップ]

Yes, I’m the first one! A master with the Bo wearing blue tights, les’t go this! My metabolic body is going to beat you today, yeah! But I don’t guard the lower half of my body, an unexpected blind spot Maybe if I attach myself to my Ruyi Jingu Bang, I can be self-confident in that extent, ha […]

Fighting games DLC problem and Why are they Highway Robbery (Editman Talks)

all right hey guys this is Editman and I wanna get straight to talk about fighting games DLC problems in the casual eyes because just recently Soulcalibur six came out for classic care to call Tera instead of her be in the game like the rest of the cast like her even Geralt now go have her as […]

Black Women in Fighting Games (Black / Women’s History month contribution)

hey guys this is move legacies and I’m here to give a contribution today as I have now garnered the ability to do so I would rather not waste it on doing something else I’ll elaborate on this later but now this piece is born out of an honest appreciation for the black women that have graced some […]