Judo Rant #1: Don’t F#%king Lie About Judo or Fighting!

Hey guys, Preston here with another episode of Grappler Going Abroad. If I’m a little bit sniffly, it’s because I’m getting over a cold. But today, I want to address something that’s really fucking annoying. Lying about your competition record or lying about how good you are at fighting because of your martial art. It’s been happening a […]

Fightland Ep.2:山本”KID”徳郁 お墨付き!堀口恭司 – Japan’s Karate Kid: Kyoji Horiguchi

In my first UFC match abroad, I thought… “I’ll do what I usually do. I’ll kick some ass.” Right now, there aren’t any Japanese fighters who are stars. I want to be that star. So that I can make this sport more popular. I started karate when I was five. Karate is definitely a big part of my […]

Training with Cyril Benzaquen – @Parijs and location: Temple Noble Art

hello everybody welcome in this new episode of training with today we are in the beautiful Paris and we’re gonna train with Cyril Benzaquen. I hope you’re gonna have fun let’s go to the gym and don’t forget to subscribe hello brother hello hi thank you fine yes yeah thank you thank you for having us welcome to […]

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