[Kevin Park] 케빈 티셔츠!! 한정판 판매! 그리고, 케빈의 그림, 헤어, 소속 [한/EN/日]

I was a model student There are a lot of naked people? elastic Hi, I am Kevin Park today I brought to you a video related with arts at first I was planning to upload a video of my hair I cut my hair yesterday cut and shave grows back so fast though also I bleached my hair, […]

Sean Wheelock Hypes Kinektic Grappling Tournament

Is there anything else you want to share with our viewers kinetic grappling August 16th, I’m really excited about this It’s my first chance to executive produce & Co promote and matchmaker show working with Keith Beltre and Urijah Faber And Keith and I have now partnered on something called kinetic grappling. We’ve also brought in your riah […]

[Kevin Park] 67kg 초보의 극진가라데 무제한급 상급자 토너먼트 도전! Beginner challenges Karate unlimited weight [한/EN/日]

Oh Kevin Park, it’s been a long time [Interview with Cha Do-Reu, 240,000 MMA Youtuber) Have you been well? Yes You are quite popular these days You are quite in trend I think you prepared a lot for today Preparation? Pre-pa-ration My mind is ready This is the first time for you participating to a Kyokushin competition, aren’t […]

[Kevin Park] 극진 공수도 (Kyokushin Karate) 룰 배우기 & MMA교류 [한/EN/日]

Cut here? What? [Kyo Ku Shin Karate-Anseong branch] (sudden) Now we are at Anseong (coughing) (suddenly) I arrived to the Kyokushin Karate gym Because Lee Hoon-Beom, the Karate instructor will teach me I came her to learn Nice to meet you (Karate instructor Lee Hoon-Beom) [Learning the rules of Karate…] Front kick front up After inside leg same […]

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