Defesa e Jiu-Jitsu: a escapada do cem-quilos favorita de Ryan Gracie

We are side-mounted… This hand on his shoulder. This one is here like this, right, but it will go inside. I will use my arm and body to bump him on his armpit. Then I bumped him… Spinned… Got my arm in, Locked the arm-triangle. Here you can choose: Either you pull guard and submit, Or go sideways, […]

Viver de Jiu Jitsu Master Class 2 – 2Βͺ parte estrutura financeira

It’s easier being employed right? but if you’re really going to do this you need to know that 30% of your total earnings will be your profit. If this result, this 30% is satisfactory for you multiplied by the number of students you could get you’ve found your price. If this number is too low you have two […]

Viver de Jiu Jitsu – Master class 2 parte 1 Estrutura Financeira

Here we are for our second masterclass, and for the guys at home as well, welcome. Firstly, I just wanted to thank the audience that we had for our first class thousands of people watched this shows that people in Jiu Jitsu are really starting to be interested in delivering a better service for their students something that […]