Kick through & Reach

(upbeat music) – In this video we’re gonna take a look at a kick through with a reach. Okay? Starting in plank position. Here. You’re gonna bring one foot outside your hand. Here. You’ll feel a nice stretch throughout your groin area through your hamstrings. You’re gonna raise this arm and you’re gonna kick through. Alright? Raise your […]


My name is Claude Tshisekedi. I am a former martial arts competitor in Karate and Kickboxing. I studied sports education and am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a personal trainer and master trainer in Belgium. Thanks alot. I have done a lot of competitions, it’s true.. but to say that I am the best… […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Self Defense Skills and the Third Official Match (2015.11.24)

The tenth sport. It’s judo! (First match with Boseong Middle School) (Despite true body Jaeyoon’s contribution…) (They suffered hanpan losses) (1 loss) It’s over. (And…) (The second match against Big Blue) Yeah, Cool Kiz! (A hanpan relay followed) He should use his waist. (Due to a lack of endurance…) (They had to be satisfied with a tie) (1 […]

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu VS Rock Climbing (WORKOUT CHALLENGE!)

Hi, I am Geek Climber. I have always wondered how well athletic abilities translate between different sports. I am going to visit Andy, who is an expert on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, to challenge each other with three drills specifically for our own sport, so I will be challenging Andy with three rock climbing drills that we climbers usually do. […]

Beatboxing tutorial #2: Creating the kit – Kick drum

Drummers often use a variety of instruments, every drum kit has a kick or bass drum, high-hat cymbals and a snare. These three create the framework for contemporary commercial beats. Let’s start with the basic techniques. Make the “p” sound, make sure that you’re using your mouth air and not your lung air. The beatboxing version of “p” […]

Self-Defense Training With Marcus Kowal | The Loop With Donna Ruko

Hello ladies and welcome to this episode of The Loop, where we talk all things health, wellness and Livestrong Woman. And on that note, one thing I’ve found that has helped to empower me and make me feel strong and disciplined in a way is Krav Maga. Now, Krav Maga is Israeli Military self-defense and combat training. It’s […]

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